Wedding: Kelsey & Lauren

I can’t believe that the holidays are upon us! Jordan and I are out in Palm Springs at the moment. We shot a super fun wedding here on Saturday and decided to take the opportunity to extend our stay and make a mini vacation out of it. And though Jordan has put us under a strict “no-working-on-vacation” policy…she’s asleep at the moment and wont ever remember the soft soothing sound of my clicking keyboard.

(Jordan just woke up and commandeered this post. I guess my keyboard wasn’t so soft after all.)

When we got married last year, we loved our photographers. Loved, loved, loved them. (And we still do, so I should say we love, love, love them.) We had so much fun taking photos with them at our wedding, that sometime after we decided to take our family-and-newborns-photography business and add weddings in to the mix. We loved the idea of being part of someone’s special day and getting to capture all those special and intimate moments. Weddings are non-stop excitement, from the beginning of the day when the bride is getting ready, to the first looks and the vows, to the party afterward where everyone close to the couple comes together to celebrate, and we love getting to be there for it all. Even more, we love the part that comes a couple months later, when we get to hand over the story of their day to the happy couple so they can re-live it all over again.

While most photographers started their official wedding season around April or May this year, that’s when we started booking, so we had a wait before our wedding season began. And it’s kept us busy ever since September 10th, the day we kicked off our first official wedding season with the most unique wedding we could have asked for.

Kelsey and Lauren are some truly amazing people. Kelsey is an amazing painter and Lauren owns the oh-so-charming Kensington Cafe here in San Diego. So with that much creativity at their disposal, they really made their wedding their own while working with our good friends over at Le Marie Events. You can see many of the special details that made this day so them in the photos below, but some of our favorites include the woven afghans for the guests to sit on during their park ceremony (I love that everyone kicked off their shoes during this time- such a fun and comfortable ceremony), the orange tie on their beloved dog Iggy (who helped Lauren’s dad walk her down the aisle before running into the crowd for hugs!), and the six-foot long parchment Kelsey dropped when it was his turn to read his vows (and the delighted look on his face about his prank as he did so).

(Chris returns as Jordan gets ready)

Not to mention that Kelsey did the whole ceremony bare foot and there were vintage details and so much color everywhere. Kelsey even designed and did the rad artwork on their invitations.

Well we’re off to take in some desert culture, maybe snap some photos (more like probably) and find some amazing food. Take care friends.

(And don’t work on your vacation when you think your wife is sleeping!)

– C & J


3 responses

  1. Gorgeous! Even better than I imagined! Great work you two!

    November 21, 2011 at 11:25 AM

  2. great job guys!

    November 21, 2011 at 11:56 AM

  3. Thanks guys!

    November 21, 2011 at 9:05 PM

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